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Friedman Residence



This home is on a steep hillside in Strawberry Park, overlooking Beaver Creek Village and the ski slopes. The owners had hiked all over the area before chossing this site, because of its magnificent views and southern orientation giving good sunshine. The owners' favorite room is the library. It is off the living room and has wood paneling, overstuffed chairs, a fireplace, a TV, a 100 year-old spiral staircase from France, and all their favorite books and treasures collected during their extensive travels. The spiral staircase connects the lower and loft levels of the library. The loft level connects to the master bedroom.


A fine library sets a home apart. A library is a statement that the homeowner loves fine books, and is a lover of knowledge. Snowdon and Hopkins are specialists in fine libraries; please look at our award-winning public libraries. A home library is different to a public library - the collection obviously reflects the owner's personal interests, but there is also a difference in the feel.


"We selected Snowdon and Hopkins to design our dream home after interviewing nine other firms. We already had some ideas of what we wanted to do. Of all of them, Snowdon and Hopkins listened. They were interested in those ideas and took the time to understand how we would live in the house. We worked with Pam the entire time, no junior associate involved here. In the end, we got our dream house, not an architect's dream house. It turned out better than we had conceived and working with Pam was more fun than I can describe."


Dawn Friedman, Homeowner

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