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Design Representative Services

Why hire an owner's design representative?


Because a design representative can make sure the design meets the needs and desires you have. An organization typically sets the project scope and program, hires the architects, and oversees the design process. To do these tasks well, they require thorough design knowledge and design research, which is not a standard in-house expertise. We have seen many projects fair poorly because the people making the decisions for the owners don't have the proper background to drive the project in the best direction. This is where we can help.


We can help your organization connect better with the people you serve by setting up the most appropriate design vision for the project. We can get the project off to the best start by helping you hire the architects that best fit the project and set a better design brief for them. We can transform data and needs into actionable ideas for your design team leading to a realized building that serves you well. We can increase the speed and effectiveness of the architectural process, saving you time and money. We can ensure the project yo get is the project you really want.




If you are interested in our owner's design representative services, please contact us and we can tell you more about what we do.


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