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Davis Residence



“Pam Hopkins designed our home and guest cabin that are currently being built in Bozeman, Montana. When interviewing architectural firms, we noticed that each building that Snowdon & Hopkins designed was distinctive and yet attractive. Their houses were designed with a direct connection to the land and a feeling for the site.


We started the design process with a daylong charette. The architect, structural engineer, landscape architect, contractor and interior designer met us in Bozeman where we walked the perimeter of the property and then we discussed our vision for the property. The site meeting was followed by a design meeting the rest of the day in which all the principals of the project added their thoughts to the design and Pam came up with a rudimentary design. The charette provided a forum for all parties to contribute and to be a part of the team from the very beginning of the project. Pam followed up with renderings that became more detailed with time and our input.


Pam Hopkins is an attentive listener, and with her visionary creative abilities has been able to translate exactly what we wanted into a home that is even better than we had hoped. Pam Hopkins has been a joy to work with, and has contributed to making the design and building process the most enjoyable project I have ever undertaken. Obviously, we think she and Snowdon & Hopkins are fabulous!”


Brenda Molen Davis, Homeowner



“Pam Hopkins is an architect that executes your dreams in three dimensions. She takes the time to learn your fondest architectural aspirations and then executes them flawlessly. She is an architect of soul and vision. She is the window lady, her houses are filled with joy and light! When your house exceeds everything you planned, what words do you use? Pam Hopkins! ”


Nick Davis, Homeowner

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