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Castle Peak Senior Care Center



The town of Eagle is getting older--in two decades between 2000 and 2020 there will have been nearly a 700% increase in residents over the age of 65. As a response, Eagle is constructing a senior care community where people can live and age in the town. The first phase of the projects includes 22 skilled nursing units, 20 assisted living apartments, 12 memory care suites, and 10 transitional care suites in two connected buildings. This includes just over 61,000 gross square feet of building area on all floors of skilled nursing and assisted living buildings.

Snowdon and Hopkins Architects/ Hopkins Architecture are the local associate architects for Nelson Tremaine Partnership from Minneapolis specializing in Senior Care facilities. We are focusing on creating a care facility for Eagle residents that responds to the environment and climate, fits the character of the location, and welcomes both residents and citizens. The building must also reflect the commercial area of Town Center for Eagle Ranch, for which this project will be an anchor.

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