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Architectural Services

Our studio provides full traditional architectural services to concieve of a building and take it to completion. Yet we go beyond as well. Informed design is the key to the Hopkins Architecture process. Rather than using surface level assumptions to guide site planning, we explore the underlying ecological influences to sustainably fit on a site and actively contribute to the ecosystem services. Rather than presuming knowledge of how people live and work, we study and observe people in action so we can meet the needs and desires of the users. We go beyond assumption. We strive for informed design grounded on good science and observation.



We do not advocate a design style; rather, we advocate a design process – a collaborative design process. With this approach, we bring together the whole design team – the owner, the contractor, and the full consultant team - very early in the process. This is just the first step in an interactive process that involves repeated team meetings.


The positive effects of this collaborative process are: 1) the client’s input and vision sets the direction from the very beginning, 2) important information is shared among the design team members and professional input is developed at the outset, 3) a solution soon evolves that satisfies the various parties and is within budget from the initial design, and 4), regular team meetings where we discuss the design solutions, keep the information flowing, and keep the project on budget at every step of the way. There will be no late-in-the-process surprises.


This integrated process ensures that the project will be rewarding for those who participate, and that the result will be successful on every measure. It is important to you that your architect listens. We listen, and more than that, we hear.


Looking at the big picture, our process allows for quality design time and coordination before construction thus reducing the number of change orders, construction delays, and cost overages. The bottom line is that the collaborative design process saves our clients time and money.



Our team has been at the forefront of sustainable and energy efficient design for over 35 years. Snowdon & Hopkins’ Vail Public Library has what was then the largest earth-sheltered building (now referred to as a “green roof”) west of the Mississippi back in 1983. We have been at the forefront of sustainability since then. Our buildings make extensive use of daylighting and other energy saving strategies as well as use healthy and sustainable materials.


With LEED AP knowledge, biomimicry expertise, ecological training, and a network of professionals that can recommend the latest and most effective sustainable strategies, we can ensure that you will be living in a healthy and environment-sensitive home.

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